4 Benefits of Issuing and Accepting Gift Cards

Offering gift cards is a great way to acquire new customers while retaining loyal ones. For retail stores and special-service businesses like salons, spas, and restaurants, gift cards are extremely effective marketing tools. These can be displayed at the cash register or front desk for easy access.

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Scale Up and Sell Wholesale

Are you a Solopreneur who has a tangible product to sell, one that you feel is ready to get into the hands of many more customers? You have an efficient and reliable means of production worked out. Sales are brisk and there are lots of reorders. You fulfill requests for product on time and seldom back order. Congratulations! The time may be right to investigate the process of selling your product through a wholesale distributor. Be a real pro and take a minute to understand what factors may persuade a wholesale distributor to include your product in their mix.

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Best Business Ideas for 2016

In today’s fast paced money motivated society it seems there is an influx of people wanting to either start a business or maybe just supplement their income. Unfortunately in a lot of cases it’s hard to know where to start from or what is good idea for a potential business. Well thanks to social media, crowdfunding and alternative lending options, and the constant evolution of technology. This may very well be the year to start a business or become an entrepreneur. Here’s a list of 7 business ideas to inspire your entrepreneurial spirit in 2016.

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Creating Appealing Advertising Materials

There are millions of advertisements out there, therefore it is important to do what you can in order to stand out from the crowd. Here are some guidelines on how to create an advertisement that is both eye catching and effective.

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How to Target Your Market With Corrugated Signs

Corrugated Yard Signs are an affordable, yet effective way to advertise your business. This article covers pointers on how to use them, where to put them, how many to invest in.

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Personal Guarantees In Business

Small business owners are asked to give personal guarantees to lenders and landlords which puts their personal assets at risk. What should you do if you are asked to sign a personal guaranty for your business?

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What To Remember When Designing A Business Card

Printed business cards are still very useful even with everything around us going digital. If you are a serious business person then you simply cannot ignore the value of having and actually giving out your business card. The cards tend to make very good impressions, especially when you are meeting prospective clients and work just as great with those you have met before but never had a chance to exchange contacts with. You however must ensure that you dish out only professional looking business cards that pass you for the pro you are.

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Clarify Your Message, Get More Clients

When you make it difficult for the client to figure out what benefit you can be to them, you lose valuable time in signing them as a client. Build your marketing message with the client in mind. Talk about them. Think about their needs and how you can help them.

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Five Alternative Strategies That Beat Advertising – Your Business Can Be Richer With Low Ad Cost

There are 5 strategies that are very effective and cheaper than Advertising, thus making your business to be rich.. Your priority is to acquire and keep your customers for long. Advertising is used to acquire customers, and it’s expensive. It can drain your cash. The alternative strategies beat advertising because they are used to keep customers for long, and allow you to make huge profits. Making profits consistently makes the business rich. These include: Adding value or creating a new USP, Raising your prices, Increasing customer loyalty and repeat purchases, Increasing your product range, and Increasing the value of what you sell. Before you invest in Advertising implement the other strategies.

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Bullet Points Are Just Starting Points

Many people think that bullet points are more communicative than written-out copy. this article explains why they’re actually far less communicative.