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Is the Entire Federal Acquisition Regulation Incorporated In Your Contract?

Many people misunderstand the implication of the Federal Acquisition Regulation–is it included in my contract or not? This article explains. Read More »

Reach the Most Customers: Necessary Media Formats for Your Marketing Literature

To reach the highest number of customers in today’s business environment, it is critical to have multiple media formats for your marketing and business literature. This paper discusses those formats and highlights the importance of having an experienced full-service graphic … Continue reading

A Fail-Safe Holiday Party Strategy

The holiday season is here, bringing Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs opportunities to become their own Santa Claus and put some new customers under the tree. Holiday parties can be the perfect time to pick up the thread with colleagues from the … Continue reading

Managing Working Capital Effectively

Managing working capital effectively is an essential business discipline, regardless of the stage of business’ life-cycle you have reached. During a start-up or growth phase, many businesses grow rapidly, run out of cash and fail. They simply do not keep … Continue reading

Why Use Flyer Printing to Promote Your Events and Your Business

When you are thinking about planning an event or launching your product or service, it is important that you create awareness about it. There are several ways to create awareness and one of the most successful ways is through printing … Continue reading

Free Lead System to Help Capture More Prospects to Turn Into Gold

The Free Lead System is a ready-to-use system for the online and offline marketers and it helps the marketers to have unlimited number of leads on autopilot. The System offers unlimited lead capture pages, back office support with autoresponders, a … Continue reading

Planning And Setting Up Your Own Recruitment Business

If you have been thinking of starting your own recruitment agency, the first thing that you will have to do is to have a plan. Having a vision is different from actually achieving it. And the first step to achieving … Continue reading

The Multipurpose Brown Paper Bags

Imagine a day without bags? It seems completely unbelievable to spend a day without using bags. Read More »

Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Do Successful Coffee Meetings

Did you know that coffee could do much more than just wake you up in the morning? And that networking over a couple of cappuccinos and cafe lattes is ideal for those with busy schedules? All you have to do … Continue reading

Increase New Patient Bookings From the Front Desk

How many bookings do you get out of 10 new patient calls? If it’s not a high number, chances are these 3 things are keeping you from extra new patients every month, costing you time and money. Read More »